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The Acorn Fairy

Inspired by stories, handmade with love

About the Acorn Fairy


Acorn first appeared in the story 'The Acorn Fairy saves Autumn' by Susan Kirkwood, a short interactive children's story, devised for ages 3-5. In which the children are encouraged to get involved and act out the different parts of the tale.


She proved such a popular character that she reappeared in 'The Acorn Fairy and the little lost bear' and then once more in 'The Acorn Fairy meets Button the bunny'


Acorn is one of the many autumn fairies who live in Barshaw park. At the end of summer you'll find them rushing through the park, making sure the leaves are all painted glorious golds and reds.


The rest of the year, Acorn likes to spend her time playing with her animal and fairy friends. Their two most favourite things are reading stories and getting crafty. They especially enjoy turning old things into new ones.


Most of the crafts and creations you'll find here are inspired, in some way, by Acorn's favourite stories. Can you guess which ones?